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Capt Blackbeard is legendary in his conquests of the seven seas. His notorious crew members are renowned for their cunning and skillful buccaneering, but they are also known for their short life span. Blackbeard is tired of quickly losing so many crew members, so he has prepared a test of skill to weed out unworthy applicants. It takes more than a sharp sword and a strong back to meet Blackbeard's standards. You have one hour to prove your mind is as sharp as your sword. Do you have what it takes?

For 4-6 players

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Embrace the Challenge

Your neighbor has recently passed away under mysterious circumstances. His son is the only heir to his estate and will inherit everything, unless a will is found. You know that your neighbor had planned to leave most of his vast fortune to Feeding America Southwest Virginia, but the son has already announced plans to buy Mill Mountain, so he can remove the star and build his dream house with the best view of the city. The son has scheduled the demolition of his father's home, so you and your friends have one hour to search his study and find the will, to prevent the son from destroying Roanoke's famous landmark.

For 4-6 players


Can You Escape?

Your malt shop has proven to be the most popular in Roanoke! Unfortunately, a new competitor recently stole your recipes and has started capitalizing on them.  You need to get the recipes back before your business suffers any further loss.  Your only option is to break in during the night and take back what is rightfully yours. Can you get in and out without getting caught?

4 -10 players

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Embrace the Challenge

You are a group of CIA investigators and your superiors have suddenly told you that you’re not fit for service, and have demanded that you surrender your badges. You are being taken to an undisclosed location, where you will undergo a psychiatric evaluation in order to see if you can continue working. Your goal is to prove you are not crazy and are fit for service; if you recover your badges, you will be reinstated immediately.

*PLEASE NOTE:  This is a very difficult (and fun!) room. 

If you have not played many rooms before, we recommend you play some of our other rooms before playing this one.

4-6 Players


Our newest room!

You are crew members of an Allied WWII submarine, but have been separated due to an earlier attack. Your mission is to locate and destroy a nearby Nazi U-Boat.

4-8 Players



Can You Escape?

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