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Super creative puzzles and riddles! Perfect level - challenging enough to keep you always engaged but not so hard that you end up frustrated. Actually went back the same day with another group because it was just that fun!! And the game masters are super attentive so you’re never waiting for hints. One of the best escape rooms I’ve done!


Another great experience. These folks really know how to put an escape room together and they are great people. Highly recommended. We're going back again soon.

Mark Thomas

Riddle me is by far the best escape room around the Roanoke area! They're family owned and they sincerely love what they do. I've never had a bad experience there at all and they're always watching every step you make so when the time comes that you need a clue; they're right on it.

WildWater Adventures

10/10 will be back when we can, and I 100% recommend going here. It's about the same price as the mall place, but whenever we went there it felt like a ripoff whereas Riddle Me REALLY felt like I got my money's worth.

Earl Elmore

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