PLEASE NOTE that all of our rooms are private rooms . So no one can join your room after you book.  If you end up wanting to add more players, you can just bring them with you (up to the room's capacity) and have them pay on site.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we will make sure your booking is correct.

***On Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays, we require a minimum of 4 players; smaller groups may still play on weekdays. (Most rooms are the most fun with at least four players anyway, so find some friends to join you!)

Lost Will


Your neighbor has passed away mysteriously, leaving his fortune to Feeding America. His Last Will and Testament is missing however, and his only son is set to inherit the money and plans to tear down Roanoke's famous star landmark to build his home in its place. Can you find the missing will to save the star?

Up to 6 players


Pass Captain Blackbeard's legendary initiation test. Can you make the crew?

For up to 6 players (minimum of 4 on Friday and Saturday)


Malt Shop

Your malt shop has proven to be the most popular in Roanoke! Unfortunately, a new competitor stole all of your recipes trying to put you out of business.  Can you get your recipes back without getting caught?

For up to 10 players

Monster Hunt

Something mysterious is happening in Downtown Roanoke. It’s up to your team of monster hunters to solve the clues and save the city! Combining elements of a typical escape room and a scavenger hunt, this game is a whole new type of puzzle experience that reaches epic proportions!

One of our guides will accompany your team as you wander the streets, searching for clues hidden in plain sight. This is a 90-minute, fully immersive, interactive outdoor experience that includes a 1.5-mile walking tour of the city. Be prepared for adventure as you unlock the secrets of Roanoke’s hidden history!

90 minutes. 18 Puzzles.

1 unforgettable experience.


For 4-6 players

PLEASE NOTE: This activity does not meet at our normal location in Oak Grove Plaza. Must be scheduled at least 3 hours in advance. Handicap accessible. 

Pass the CIA's psych evaluation and get your badges back to be reinstated! Can you prove you're not crazy?

PLEASE NOTE:  This is our most difficult room and strongly suggest you try some other room if this is your first time.

Age limit is 16 years

For up to 6 players 

The Evaluation

Battle Behind Bars

You have been jailed for a crime you didn't commit, but the cell you are in has clues from the previous inmate. Can you discover the elaborate plan and escape before the guards find out?

This room is for 4-8 players, but there are several ways to play. There are two identical jail cells that can hold up to 4 people. So if your group is small enough, you can all stay together. Larger groups must split up. This means you can make it a COMPETITION to see who can make it out first!

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the difficulty and liability issues of this room, players must be over the age of 16, and there must be at least 2 adults over the age of 18.

Having trouble booking?

Call us (540-523-1771) and we'll make sure everything is set for you.